The 2017 Men’s & Women’s US Nationals will take place from February 11-18 in Everett, Washington.

From the Hack recently spoke with Joe Calabrese of 12th End Sports to preview the U.S. Nationals that will be broadcast on  Our interview with Calabrese is followed by a report from contributor Phil Darin that offers an overview of what needs to happen for different teams to represent the United States at the 2017 World Curling Championships.


Who might represent the United at States at the World Curling Championships?

The 2017 Men’s & Women’s US Nationals will take place from February 11-18 in Everett, Washington. Essentially, this event will determine who will represent the United States at Men’s & Women’s Worlds this year. Unlike Canada, however, it will not necessarily be the overall winner of the event. Following the event, the team with the most year-to-date world-qualifying order-of-merit points (including those awarded at Nationals) who finishes in the top three will get the berth. The winner of the event will be awarded 110 OOM points, second place will receive 85, and third will receive 65. The only exception is if a team wins the event and is currently ranked in the top 25 YTD on the WCT OOM. Going into the event, only two teams are in that position, which are the Heath McCormick and Nina Roth rinks. Besides the World Championships, spots at the final Grand Slam of Curling event of the year are on the line, as the winners of the event will earn berths in the Humpty’s Champions Cup.

This year there are eight women’s teams and ten men’s teams in the field. At the end of a full round robin, the top four men’s teams will advance to a standard Page playoff, while the top three women’s teams will advance to a modified Page playoff.  The following is a list of the competing teams and their OOM points to date.


Roth – 142.3943
Sinclair – 103.6185
Christensen – 89.6739
Schultz – 45.0921
Bear – 29.0001
Potter – 24.7606
Clark – 9.3501
Wood – 0


McCormick – 159.6537
Brown – 110.1296
Shuster- 102.163
Clark – 86.1816
Birr – 68.8327
Fenson – 38.434
Dropkin – 38.3062
Clawson – 22.2265
Leichter – 16.2928
Sobering – 7.466

If Team Roth finishes in second place or better in the women’s championship, they go to the World Championships. They could also earn the berth with a third-place finish as long as Sinclair doesn’t win the event. In the men’s championship, if Team McCormick places in the top three they will get the berth in the World Championships. There are several possible scenarios that would allow other teams to represent the United States at the World Championships.  It should make for an interesting U.S. Nationals.

(Phil Darin – From the Hack, U.S. Contributor)

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