Afternoon Draw

There was no morning draw on Day 1 of the 2019 Scotties with each team set to play one game on opening day.  The biggest story of Draw 1 was the first-ever victory for Nunavut in the main draw at the Scotties.  They defeated a young Quebec team 4-3 by stealing a point in the 10th for the win. 

Nunavut was not the only team to steal a point in the 10th for a win in Draw 1 as Alberta did the very same thing in a 7-6 win over Manitoba. A draw to the 8th foot by Tracy Fleury got caught in a slow path on the sheet and it allowed Chelsea Carey and her team from Calgary to steal the victory.

British Columbia did not steal a victory in Draw 1, but they certainly ended their game with the biggest bang. Sarah Wark of BC made a draw for four in the 10th end as her team from Chilliwack earned a 7-6 come from behind win over the host team from Nova Scotia.

Meanwhile, Team Homan won the “Battle of Ontario” as they defeated Northern Ontario’s Krista McCarville by a score of 6-4.  Rachel Homan seemed to have a good read on the ice which is probably a bad sign for the rest of the field.  The three-time Scotties champion from Ottawa curled 88% in her team’s win vs Northern Ontario, the highest of any skip on Day 1 of the 2019 Scotties.

Evening Draw

There was a CFL feel to Draw 2 of the 2019 Scotties with a few games ending with football-type scores.  Suzanne Birt of PEI marked her return to the Scotties after a few years away from the sport with a 14-3 win over Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Team Scheidegger followed up their victory in the Wild Card game with a 10-2 win over Yukon.  The game was already out of reach by the 5th end break as Casey Scheidegger and her team from Lethbridge had already built a 6-1 lead and looked confident throughout.

Kerry Galusha broke open a tight game between the Northwest Territories and New Brunswick when she made a shot for 5 in the 8th end.  The runback gave the Northwest Territories an 11-5 lead and Andrea Crawford’s New Brunswick team decided to shake hands and look ahead to their next game.

The headline game of Draw 2 was Canada vs Saskatchewan with Jennifer Jones and her team starting defense of their title.  It was a struggle for both teams as they seemed to have difficulty in reading the ice through most of the game.  Jennifer Jones shot only 66% for the game but she had last rock in the 10th and made it count for a 6-5 win.  Saskatchewan’s Robyn Silvernagle struggled in her first-ever Scotties game shooting 64% although she did seem to gain some confidence as the game progressed after a difficult start.

Game of the Day

When an event is over 50 years old you rarely get a chance to experience a “first” at that event.  Such a moment occurred at Centre 200 in Sydney in the opening draw of the 2019 Scotties when Nunavut won its first ever game in the main draw at a Scotties. 

Regardless of how many games Nunavut may win in the future; Jennifer Blaney, Alison Griffin, Jenine Bodner and Sadie Pinksen will forever be known as the players that brought Nunavut its first main draw victory at the Scotties.

Upset of the Day

Nunavut’s victory over Quebec, although historic, could hardly be called an upset as they were playing a young team from Quebec with each team member playing her first game at a Scotties.  The upset of the day was British Columbia’s win over the home province favourites from Nova Scotia.  Sarah Wark’s final draw for four was not a difficult one but it made the difference as BC scored four points for an improbable 7-6 win.

Shot of the Day

With her last rock of the 5th end of Nunavut’s game against Quebec, Jennifer Blaney of Nunavut was hoping to blank the end with a takeout.  She stumbled out of the hack, fell on her posterior but still managed to throw the rock well enough to hit the rings and score one.  That shot tied the game 3-3 and set the stage for the steal in the 10th that secured Nunavut’s first-ever win at the Scotties.  There were better shots during the day and there will be many better shots during the week, but history was made today in part because of a shot made with Jennifer Blaney sitting on the ice. That’s why it is our shot of the day!

Tomorrow morning’s key matchup

It is still a little early to call any of tomorrow morning’s games as being “key matchups”.  However, Manitoba will surely want to win their game vs BC to avoid going 0-2.  Meanwhile, Sarah Wark will have gotten over the nerves and emotion of her first-ever game at the Scotties and will be entering the game with confidence after BC’s comeback victory over Nova Scotia in Draw 1.

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2019 Scotties – Day 1 Recap